Category: Small Business | Client: ZaAL | Year: 2019

Whats about?

A small restaurant in Korea specialized in Indian curry with eco-friendly ingredients.

What were the overall goals?

Giving people a good experience about food and creative recipes with healthy ingredients.

What was my job on this project?

For this project, I was responsible for the overall brand and graphic design. I created the logo, entrance signboard, name card, menu cards, fabric wallpaper, etc.

How did my service help on this project?

I suggested to clients what she needs to prepare a new space and helped to take a direction for communication with clients and customers. So I tried to express the concept that they offer the fusion dishes using spices in different menus according to the season. And I visualized their brand concept by color, letter, mood, and illustrations for communication.

What did I do that the project got successful?

Concept Kitchen ZaAL is now well communicated to customers through whole brand concept.

With whom did I cooperate on this project?

Concept Kitchen ZaAL KIM MYOJIN |  Illustrator YEO DAHA

Where can you find more information?

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