Category: Small business | Client: Cafe Agity | Year: 2016

Whats about?

Cafe Agity is a small cafe in the Paju district, which offers the local audience besides brunch and coffee a place for culture events of all kinds as well.

What were the overall goals?

The Cafe Agity’s goal is to be the No. 1 cultural place as well as comfortable and friendly place for the  neighborhood.

What was my job on this project?

For the Cafe Agity I was responsible to do the brand design. I developed a new logo. In a team with the illustrator, we first developed a story and out of this charters, graphics and other shop materials.(cafe supplies : cupholder, napkin, sticker, package, name card, etc).

How did my service help on this project?

The main customers of the Cafe are young parents with their children. The characters developed for this project fit the eyes of these customers to catch their attention.

What did I do that the project got successful?

To start the design process with developing a story and bringing in an illustrator to create strong characters. The targeted audience responded very positive on the Cafe Agity’s offers.

With whom did I cooperate on this project?

project manager KIM YOUNJIN | illustrator YEO DAHA

Where can you find more information?

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