Category: Small Business | Client: BELPAN | Year: 2018

Whats about?

A small start-up bakery in Ganghwa specialized in sourdough and biological ingredients.

What were the overall goals?

The development of local brand and communication to healthier lifestyle community.

What was my job on this project?

For this project I was responsible for the overall brand and graphic design. During the design process I developed the logo, namecards, package, stickers, etc.

How did my service help on this project?

This new bakery just started with its new location and the idea for its name. So I helped to visualizing their brand by suggesting color, letter, mood, and illustrations, etc.

What did I do that the project got successful?

Through the print material the Belpan bakery now can more easily communicate with their customers.

With whom did I cooperate on this project?

client JU JAKYUNG · YEO SEUNGMI |  illustrator YEO DAHA

Where can you find more information?

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